Food Trucks of Bandon

Food Trucks of Bandon - Sen Ai - Food Truck
June 29, 2021

There are two great food truck options in #BandonSen Ai – Asian Food at Londis on the bypass and the fabulous Perfect Burger located at Perfect Cup – Howard Place by Riverview Shopping Centre with equally fabulous staff!

Sen Ai Food trailer is serving healthy fresh Asian Street Food at the forecourt of Hernons Londis, Bandon bypass. Open 5pm to 9pm Thursday-Saturday. Pre-order via WhatsApp from 3pm for collection from 5pm.

Food Trucks of Bandon - Sen Ai - ChefFood Trucks of Bandon - Sen Ai - Menu

After visiting Japan in 2018, the owners of Sen Ai were looking out for an opportunity to begin an Asian inspired food business. The pandemic got us thinking about what Bandon was missing in terms of a take-away cuisine option. The town has many fantastic food establishments which we frequent often ourselves but we wanted to offer something different should people be craving a fresher and healthier option. This is when the original idea of Sen Ai and fresh, fast straight to wok cuisine was born. They are now bringing Wok Hei to West Cork! Wok Hei is the mouth-watering charred aroma and flavour only established by stir frying food rapidly over intense heat and letting some flame enter the pan as you do so. A couple of minutes of tossing in our cast iron woks and your freshly prepped produce will be transformed into a dish with that distinct but subtle and irresistible taste, ready to savour and enjoy.


Food Trucks of Bandon - Perfect Burger

The Perfect Cup has always been a reliable set up with its charming cafe in Howard Court just beside the Riverview Shopping Centre. A reliable meeting place with great staff and excellent drinks, coffee, pastries, toasties and meals. Now it has a cool Airstream trailer addition “Perfect Burger” beside the soon to reopen cafe which open 7 days a week, from 10 until 8. Burgers and chips served from 12 until 8. These are indeed good Gourmet burgers freshly cooked with good local West Cork ingredients. They are serving delicious gourmet burgers, made in the heart of Bandon along with barista coffee, cakes and Belgian Waffles.


Burgers and Chips served from 12pm every day.
Gluten free and Vegetarian options are available.

Food Trucks of Bandon - Chef presenting a Perfect Burger


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