Two iconic Irish businesses (Bewley’s & Wrights of Howth) join forces to deliver new coffee service

The founders of Bewleys and Wrights enjoying the advancement of technology in food services
July 23, 2023

Two iconic Irish businesses have joined forces for a new venture that will see Bewley’s provide Wrights of Howth with its brand new bean-to-cup beverage units and barista coffee service.

The two driving forces behind the family-run firms, Veronica Campbell of Bewley’s and founder and director of Wrights of Howth, Bernie Wright, shared a coffee in Wrights Food Fayre at Dublin Airport to mark the partnership.

With two lifetimes of business experience between them, both women have played instrumental roles in shaping the success of their companies, resulting in the establishment of two well-recognised Irish brands. Both firms are currently embarking on new journeys to cater to evolving consumer trends centred around on-the-go consumption, convenience and health.

Veronica Campbell of Bewley’s and Bernie Wright, founder and director of Wrights of Howth enjoy the new coffee experience in Wrights Food Fayre at Dublin Airport. Pic: Conor McCabe Photography

The new Bewley’s in-store units will not only provide traditional coffee options but will also cater to the growing trend for iced coffees as well as plant-based milk to accommodate a wide range of dietary preferences.

Veronica Campbell described her firm’s new venture with Wrights of Howth as a “very happy relationship”. “Wrights of Howth was looking to partner with an Irish company for its in-store coffee and they liked what we did,” she said. “We are both family businesses, which is important, as this personalises the service.”

She said her brand’s iconic Grafton Street café has long been regarded as a “meeting place” for many people, and she hoped the new coffee service at Wrights Food Fayre will have a similar impact in Terminal 1. “I’ve noticed over the years that among people who have gone to work in other countries, that a trip to Bewley’s café is always top of their agenda when they come back,”.

Veronica Campbell of Bewley’s and Bernie Wright, founder and director of Wrights of Howth share a coffee in Wrights Food Fayre at Dublin Airport to mark a new partnership between the two family businesses. Pic: Conor McCabe Photography

Bernie Wright designed the layout and fit out of Wrights of Howth’s first shop inside the Dublin Airport terminal when it opened in 1992 and trained the staff in the art of the Irish welcome. “Both brands are synonymous with quality. We always admired each other and each other’s products, so working together seems perfectly natural,” she said. “Years ago, long before the arrival of mobile phones, my friends and I would all congregate at Bewley’s in Grafton Street on our days off”. “Bewley’s is very much an iconic brand. Any visitor to Dublin who wants to explore the city centre, you would tell them to go to Bewley’s first where they can find their feet before setting off.”

With Bernie’s son David now at the helm, Wrights of Howth produces a wide range of delicatessen fare in addition to its award-winning organic smoked salmon from its high-spec production kitchen in Howth, as well as curating a range of quality food, drink and giftware from iconic Irish brands. “Wrights of Howth is a sought-after brand known all over while Bewley’s is synonymous with excellent coffee, making them a very good fit” said Bewley’s Marketing Director, Catherine Casserly.

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