Celebrate World Gelato Day at Krēm Gelateria

Bridge Street, Westport, Co. Mayo, F28 XD43, Ireland

24 March 2023

Free Event €

Krēm Gelateria - Graham
In Person Event

Celebrate World Gelato Day on the 24th of March at Krēm Gelateria & Cafe on this day we celebrate the craft of artisanal gelato making, call in have a taste and meet Graham our founder and “Master Icecreamist”, ask him questions and find out about the story of this great little gelato gem in the heart of wonderful Westport.

On the 21st February Celebrate Pancake Tuesday in style at Krēm. Don’t make a mess at home, enjoy crepes made by experts.

On the 1st of October it’s International Coffee Day relax and unwind in the center of Westport with a great cup of award winning Bean West coffee.

Contact Graham
Email: info@krem.ie

Tasty Recipes


Burnt orange, Strawberry, raspberry & white chocolate panna cotta

Burnt orange, Strawberry, raspberry & white chocolate panna cotta

Preparation Time: 10 mins
Cooking Time: 140 mins
Calories per Serving: 587 kcal
Yield: 9 cocktail glasses

Panna Cotta (translated from the Italian means cooked cream) or in our case it will be a cream set with gelatin, we want the cream to remain soft, unlike other gelatin-set desserts which go hard, this is easily flavoured with your favourite ingredients like coffee, alcohol, chocolate and fruits.


Beans, Leaves and Greens Salad

Beans, Leaves and Greens Salad

Preparation Time: 5 mins
Cooking Time: 15 mins
Calories per Serving: 730 kcal

This is a versatile salad for year round but shines of the season it's in and is a handy way to transform a simple salad into a substantial light nutritious salad.

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