Ann Marie Butler's

Slow braised feather of beef with basil and chorizo mash

Slow braised feather of beef with basil and chorizo mash

Slow Braised Beef with chorizo mashed potatoes

As winter really sets in and the weather has turned much colder our attention turns to warming comfort food.

The recipe for slow braised feather of beef with basil and chorizo mash and crispy onion rings ticks all the right boxes for this time of year.

It is great on flavour and for meat lovers it is a real stunner of a dish.

The recipe has been supplied by Ann Marie Butler, who together with her husband Pat Kiely run the highly successful Wild Garlic Coffee Shop & Restaurant in Dunmanway, Co. Cork.

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Prep Time: 30 mins
Slow Braised Beef with chorizo mashed potatoes
Cook Time: 360 mins
Slow Braised Feather of Beef:
• 1.5
kilograms of
whole beef feather blade
• 2
cups of
olive oil
• 1
litre of
beef stock
• freshly ground
salt and black pepper
• 2
teaspoons of
basil pesto or finely sliced basil leaves
• 4
cloves of
• 1
bunch of
fresh thyme (approximately 38.5 grams)
• 200
millilitres of
red wine
• 1
ball of
butcher’s twine
Mashed Potato:
• 1.25
kilogram of
mashed potatoes (made with your favourite recipe)
• 50
grams of
• 100
grams of
chorizo (diced)
• 5
grams of
smoked paprika
Onion rings:
• 1
onion, finely sliced into rings
• 100
millilitres of
batter or flour and beer mixed into a paste will also work
Cooking Method:
Slow braised feather of beef:

First job is to trim off the beef feather and fantail it out. It is much easier if you have never done this before to ask your butcher and they will do it for you.

It is very important that all the sinude has been sniped.

Message in half the thyme, smoked paprika, crushed garlic, salt and pepper and the olive oil into the beef.

Roll the piece of beef up into a tight roll binding it together with butcher twine.

Place in a baking tray covering with 1 litre of beef stock and 200ml of red wine.

Cover with parchment and tin foil.

Cook slowly at 100 degree for six hours rotating at three hours.

Once cooked allow rest for thirty minutes before cutting into 10 oz. portions.

Mashed Potatoes:

Lightly sauté the chorizo in a large pan with the butter.

Add in the basil and finally the mashed potato mixing vigorously until a good consistency occurs.

Onion Rings:

Drop the onion rings into the batter and deep fry until golden brown


Place one a half scoops of the chorizo mashed potato on each plate.

Place the feathered beef (approximately 250 grams per person) on top of the mash.

Lastly divide up the onion rings between your guests