Galvin’s Farm Fresh Milk

Pasteurised • Non Homogenised

Galvin's Farm Fresh Milk

Address: Clashavanna, Kilbrittain, Bandon
Eircode: P72 VW96
  Artisan Producer
February 3, 2023

Nestled in the rolling hills of Kilbrittain, overlooking the castle, the Galvin family has been dairy farming their prime 60 acres for three generations since 1960. Brian Galvin is the driving force behind the Galvin’s Farm now with the support of his parents, siblings and an aunt who all take an active part.

The farm produces pasteurised non homogenised fresh milk, at first Brian started on a small scale. The quality of the produce has meant that Brian has developed an extremely busy business supplying shops, supermarkets, restaurants and cafes also food trucks. The rich creamy milk makes an exceptional cup of coffee.

Consumers are much more interested in the provenance of their food today, they are interested in the nutritional content of their food and are keen to support local producers who offer the freshest and highest quality produce with the lowest possible carbon footprint.

Brian explains that the difference between Galvin’s farm fresh milk and shop milk is that Brian knows his cattle, he grows the grass they graze on and has the welfare of his livestock in mind. With a long experience of dairying the Galvin family are good at their job. The milk produced is of exceptional quality  and contains all the beneficial nutrients. Their fresh milk can be sold in a plastic container or glass bottles. Customers like the glass bottles  as they remind them of past times before mass production and the glass is much better for the environment.

Galvin’s farm is compliant with all restrictions and is Bord Bia certified. Every batch of milk is tested by ALS in Cork who visit daily to take samples to ensure the milk is safe and fit for consumption.

Galvin’s farm currently produces the following products – low fat pasteurised milk in a bottle, pasteurised whole milk in a bottle, country cream in 560ml and 250ml containers and pasteurised whole milk in a 2 litre container.

Brian supplies neighbourhood food markets in Mallow, Middleton and  Cuskinny, Cobh together with Bandon Country Market, several supermarkets, local shops, cafes and restaurants.

Galvin's Farm Fresh Milk – Address: 
Clashavanna, Kilbrittain, Bandon,
 P72 VW96